Parth Rajesh Kadakia

Teaching is my Passion, Investing and Trading is my Life! - Parth Kadakia

An Experienced Mentor:

Parth Kadakia is in the stock markets since 2013 and has witnessed major Bull and Bear market cycles in the past 6 years. He has been trading and investing in the Indian market and has experience of trading Equity, Futures & Options market since 2015.

He has been guiding students, investors, traders, brokers and high net-worth individuals primarily in the Equity & Futures segment. His profound experience and precise predictions are acknowledged by lot of people. He is also a visiting faculty at many management institutes across India. He is also associated with offline stock market programs conducted by IIDE- Indian Institution of Digital Education and Intern Theory for his online stock market workshop.

A Skilled Trainer:

He started conducting seminars on stock market trading and investment since 2015. Since then, thousands of students have benefited from his seminars on Long term Investment Strategies,  Futures & Options market, price actions, Behavioural technical analysis and various advanced concepts.

He has also instituted a mentor program to equip and develop the finer skills of trading in financial markets for individual participants and to enable them to convert their past failures into success stories. He also teaches at various institutions across India.

A Story Teller:

A rare combination of an experienced trader and a passionate trainer, he articulates complex concepts in the simplest language possible for the benefit of the participants. He has an amazing skill set and capability to connect the stories that not only are enlightening but also are interesting and entertaining for the participants. His narration of his own experiences – the many mistakes & subsequent learnings, market ups and downs, behind the curtain stock stories and real-life analogies make the seminars insightful to both novice and experienced participants.

He ensures that each session is full of energy, sparing no moment for boredom. His seminars are full of interactive exercises, knowledge sessions, and Q&A rounds, to ensure that the participants are engaged for the entirety of the session.

A Visionary:

He has a vision to empower people to attain the Knowledge, Skill and Discipline required to utilize the innumerable opportunities in the financial markets to build wealth and contribute for the betterment of society. He has been instrumental in creating simple investing tools & setups which can be used by the common investor with ease, even if one does not have deep knowledge of the stock markets. His selfless work of wealth creation for the common investors is appreciated from by a lot of people across the country.